Eco-evolutionary dynamics of social dilemmas

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Interactive demonstration on eco-evolutionary dynamics of social dilemmas

This Demonstration combines the results of Hauert (2006a) and Hauert (2006b);

Hauert (2006a) discusses the impact of nonlinear benefits in public goods games, while Hauert (2006b) incorporates ecological dynamics into standard evolutionary game dynamics.

Here is the CDF as hosted on the Wolfram Website. You will probably need Mathematica or the Wolfram CDF player to be installed to view the following file

C. Hauert, F. Michor, M. A. Nowak, and M. Doebeli, “Synergy and Discounting of Cooperation in Social Dilemmas,” Journal of Theoretical Biology, 239(2), pp. 195-202, 2006

C. Hauert, M. Holmes, and M. Doebeli, “Evolutionary Games and Population Dynamics: Maintenance of Cooperation in Public Goods Games,” Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 273(1600), pp. 2565-2571, 2006.

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